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SilkPeel® Waste Jar

I couldn't believe what came out

of my skin!  I love Silkpeel!

Thank you!

Blackheads have met their match!


If you are looking for a skin treatment that delivers immediate results, won't take hours out of your busy schedule, and will leave you with noticeably better skin in under 30 minutes, then SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ is the best procedure offered today. Similar to microdermabrasion, the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion System combines non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin - without the use of crystal or other chemical exfoliants. SilkPeel is exclusively offered through facilities with medical directors on staff, and isn't available at a typical day spa or salon. Great for Acne, Dehydration, Hyperpigmentation & Scarring, the procedure is non-invasive and even soothing; delivering the results you want without harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments!


When you get a SilkPeel, you won't have any downtime, and don't have to worry about dealing with irritated or inflamed skin. Within about 30 minutes, SilkPeel's wet exfoliation leaves your skin silky-smooth, hydrated, bright, and full of the youthful, healthy glow that we all desire.


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