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Celebrity Skin...Without Plastic Surgery!

You’ve heard the names: Restalyne, Juvederm, Belotero....There is not doubt that

the landscape of fillers is a competitive one. As a Medical Esthetician and former

actress, I am always more inclined to steer my clients in the direction of quality

facial treatments followed up with a healthy skincare routine at home. As you can

imagine, I’ve seen a lot of ‘botch’ jobs involving injections and have heard many

nightmare stories about bad results and regrets. So when a celebrity client told me

about a topical product that is powerful enough to produce injection-like results, I

couldn’t google it fast enough!

Upon first sight, Fillerina gives the impression of being a potent alternative to

injections. It comes in a chic white box of grade A hyaluronic acid molecules

with two little (blunt tipped) syringes for a precision application. Fillerina is unique

in that it is a Hyaluronic Acid with 6 different sized molecules. Why does that


You may have noticed that Hyaluronic is currently a hot trend in the beauty

industry. You cannot pick up a beauty magazine without reading about it. Everyone

from Trish MacAvoy to Bobby Brown has a variety of miracle producing creams and

serums that are vetted as hyaluronic acid based.

Hyaluronic has a humectant property that keeps the moisture barrier intact and

keeps all skin types(including oily!) in balance. It has the ability to hold one

thousand times it’s weight in water!

The problem with a majority of the products on the market is the molecule size in

the hyaluronic. When it has a large molecule, it will feel amazing going on, but

eventually, will slip right off of the skin. However, if it has a small molecule, it can

penetrate the skin; and THAT is when plumping and volume start to happen!

Fillerina has 6 different sized small molecules. They put the ‘fill’ in Fillerina!

Fillerina is to be applied 14 days in a row for 3-4 months of volume. The “needles”

help with getting the gel into super fine lines and wrinkles. After the gel has settled

in (wait about 10 minutes), apply the Nourishing Film which seals in the gel. (I

would never recommend using Fillerina in the morning because it has a tendency to

‘roll around’ when blended with other products, like foundation). My results are a

softer more diffused look! My fine lines and wrinkles are much less obvious and my

lips are plump and hydrated!

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Lori Carhart

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