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Microcurrent + Botox = Best Friends

As you know, one of my ‘go to’ treatments is providing outstanding results with the CACI Microcurrent. Microcurrent immediately contours the jawline, smooths fine lines & lifts the cheekbones. It is the ideal facial to have before a party or event. But did you know that Microcurrent can actually make injections look better? It’s true!

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin injections soften the ‘Elevens’ (frown lines between the eyes), smooth crows feet and lift the jawline. All good, right? However, years of injections can have a downside such as causing the face to lose fullness. Imagine a child or younger person’s face in profile. The face bows out in a spherical shape. With 3 or more years of neurotoxins injected into the face, atrophy can sit in and the face can go flat. That plump fullness we all desire is gone.

No fear, Microcurrent is here! As a companion to injections, Microcurrent diminishes the loss of muscle tone by disrupting atrophy. Because the muscle’s memory is stimulated, the current flexes it so it sits where it used to be (younger years) all while the Botox holds it in place. This is a dream team!

With this good news, I just had to get you in here with a Microcurrent Special!

$125 (normally $150)

Just had Botox? No worries, just schedule your appointment 10-14 days after your injections! xoxo Lori

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