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Retreat from the Heat:  My DIY Summer Spa Treatment

So far this Summer, I’ve created a variety of ways to survive the energy zapping brutal heat wave of Southern California: kayaking, matinees, Netflix binging, museums, live theater, perfecting a good cobbler recipe (future blog!) and going to the beach, of course. With temperatures on the rise, our skin is under attack. Heat, sweat, and air conditioning create a perfect storm that can cause dehydration, irritation, and breakouts. Here are a few suggestions that might help!

Oily skin: In heated climates, sebaceous glands tend to be more active, so if you have a tendency to break out, now is the time to double cleanse that sweat away at the end of the day to avoid congestion. Cleansing twice will rid the skin of sweat, oil, and sunscreen. So this Summer, cleanse and cleanse again!

Dry skin: Just like turning on the heat in the winter months, air conditioning can cause dehydration and drinking ample amounts of water is helpful, but not enough. This is the time to break out the arsenal of moisturizers tucked in the back of your vanity cabinet. You know, the one you’re saving for February for Winter dryness? Now is the perfect time to get that baby out to use before bed. For daytime, switch back to a lighter moisturizer. Also, if you have a humidifier, turn it on for an hour before bed. (I put a drop of citrus essential oil in mine. Delightful!) Just remember that extreme harsh weather (winter/summer) requires powerful products and tools. Use them! Healthy balanced skin is worth it, right?

This Summer, my favorite retreat from the heat takes place in the comfort of my very own home. Living in Los Angeles for 25 years has made me appreciate anything that does not require driving. I’m also a homebody by nature. I would much rather do yoga in my living room with my cute little dog than to get in my car and drive to a yoga studio. That is why I am THRILLED with my DIY Summer Spa routine! It is exactly what I would purchase at an upscale spa! This combo takes me to my happy place and it’s all thanks to OSEA’s exquisite clean vegan product line. These products are potent and produce RESULTS! As you probably know, OSEA is featured at Spa destinations around the world, such as the Four Seasons. I’m obsessed!!!

DIY Summer Spa Treatment


In the bath or shower scrub OSEA Undaria Body Polish all over body. This perfect combination of acai, hemp & pumus buffs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated. This creamy, dreamy scented polish revitalizes the skin and the senses. It smells like the spa

Pat to dry, but while skin is still a little damp, apply OSEA Anti-Aging Body Balm all over. This lotion oil emulsion, ladies, and gentlemen is the elixir of the Gods! It has completely revived my crepey thighs. I’m not kidding! I LOVE that OSEA has created an anti-aging body system that actually works! This is my all time favorite product of any product line EVER. The true test is when I put my favorite summer slip on, and it floats around my’s not sticky! Don’t forget to put it on your neck and décolleté for it’s firming effect! Okay, I’ll stop. Just sayin’. Fab.


AM: 1) Cleanse face with OSEA Cleansing Milk. The Ocean Cleansing Milk doesn’t strip hydration from dry skin. I feel soft and supple after my cleanse! Softly pat dry. 2) Roll the OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil across your face and neck. Be sure and roll into any creases or wrinkles. It plumps everything up! Okay, honestly, THIS may be my favorite product ever. (It’s so hard to choose!) The scent alone is...well, pretty much a spiritual experience! 3) Spray OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost onto oil and blend. Observe your gorgeous, radiant, glowing skin in the mirror. 4) Dab a fingertip of OSEA Advanced Protection Cream on forehead, cheeks, and chin and blend out. This product is good for night and day (apply less for day) and it makes your skin feel like VELVET.

PM: 1) Cleanse with OSEA Ocean Cleanser. Okay, honestly, this is the product that made me fall in love with OSEA in the first place! The lime, cypress, juniper & jasmine scent had me at hello. Besides its clean fresh citrusy scent, this gel cleanser utilizes beets as the lactic acid which acts as an enzymatic scrub. Well, this is just pure genius! It means that my delicate reactive Irish skin can safely be exfoliated without harsh beads. No more broken capillaries! Love it.

2) My skin loves the richness of the OSEA White Algae Mask, and it just sinks right in. 3) While soaking in this hydrating & brightening mask, I apply the OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream, which has been a game changer for brightening dark spots on my hands! I love the texture, and the scent and my hands are left silky smooth. After a few minutes, you’ll see that your face has completely devoured the mask! My favorite technique for removal is a gommage, which is super popular with European women. You simply lean over your bathroom sink and roll it off of your face like eraser shavings. That’s right, just roll off all of the dead skin cells to reveal the freshly hydrated baby butt skin beneath!

4) Next, apply the OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum. I loooove this serum because of how my skin looks immediately after. Plus, this is the only Hyaluronic that I have ever experienced that does not have that slippery silicone-y feel. That’s because Jenefer Palmer, the creator of OSEA, is committed to keeping all of these products free of synthetic chemicals and opted to add three organic seaweeds to assist the Hyaluronic to plump up the moisture barrier of the skin. This combination is a water magnet! Because it is quickly absorbed, it can be used morning or night. When applying, drag it across your pout for plump full delicious lips!

5) Do not underestimate the power of the OSEA Undaria Argan Oil. Roll it on face, neck, chest, and around the eyes. I also roll it on my lashes as a conditioner and the next day my lashes are gorgeous! Okay, I gotta be honest. I was a little afraid of this product in the beginning! 6) The OSEA Advanced Protection Cream is ultra-rich, so how it is applied is key! And let me tell you, with ingredients like avocado oil, grape seed extract, macadamia oil and, of course, OSEA’s signature nutrient-rich algae extract, you want this product in your life! Start with a light application and add from there. It’s as simple as that! I am now in a full-on long-term love affair with this outstanding moisturizer. I think we’re getting married!

Since my skin is parched and dry, this routine is geared to mature skin. So here are some suggestions for normal and oily skin. Just switch out a few things:

Oily skin: OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mudd OSEA Blemish Balm OSEA Red Algae Mask OSEA Corrective Complex Oil

If you have any questions regarding skincare or products, please do not hesitate to comment! As you know, I can talk skincare all day long! xoxo Lori

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