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Baguettes, Van Gogh and...Ghostbusters? Adventures with the hubby at German Comic Con & Paris, F

“I’ve been asked to sign autographs at a Comicon in Germany.” Tim hangs up the phone and tosses it on the bed.

“Oh really? Cool. For Star Trek? X Files?”


“Wasn’t that, like 89 years ago?”

Tim portrayed Sigourney Weaver’s Sine-Aid sniffing violinist boyfriend in the hit movie, sporting a bad mullet.

“Yeah. I guess the movies’ still a thing in Germany.”

“Oh, I’m getting in on this action,” I thought. I booked my flight that night.

We were received at the airport in a tricked out Peugeot Ghostbusters mobile, complete with the Ghostbuster’s red logo, bullhorn and a miniature version of itself on the dashboard. The driver asked Tim to autograph the glove box. It was a monumental moment. His nickname quickly becomes “The Stiff” because that’s what Bill Murray called him in the movie. Grown men dressed in full on Ghostbuster garb lined up to meet Tim. I was proud to be the Stiff’s wife.

I knew a little bit about ComiCon because my oldest son, Harry is a CosPlayer. CosPlayers show up at the event dressed in full on superhero costumes. I mean they’re really into it. There is an entire subculture of CosPlayers. They have fake duals and battles and post everything on social media. It’s good wholesome fun!

German ComiCon, however, had a different set of rules! It was an incredible combination of hi-tech, steampunk and just plain psychedelic costumes!

With a pocket full of play money (Tim was paid in Euros), we hopped on a train to Paris! I lived in Paris in the late 80’s, only to be homesick and spending a lot of time in search of a Big Mac! I wanted to enjoy the city in a different light. The museums, the culture, the food!

After a serene ride through the countryside, we hopped the Metro and headed to our first Airbnb: a boat on the Seine river! Staying in the captain’s quarters of this antique barge was extremely unique and wonderful! The glossy lacquered wood, sexy shower and adorable kitchen was perfect for us.

We took a five minute stroll from the boat to get closer to this beauty!

The next day, we booked a bicycle tour of Paris’ Best Kept Secrets through Airbnb. Honestly, I was a little worried about riding a bicycle through the busy streets of a city, but this tour was outstanding and safe!

With a group of 8, we tooted through Paris on our little electric bikes to some incredible treasures like Louis the 13th’s garden (before he moved to Versaille), the best chocolate in Paris (Un Dimanche A Paris -I went back for more); ultimately landing in the Louvre. I slept like a baby that night, lulled to sleep by our gently swaying boat.

For the past 20 years, I have had a framed poster of Mont St. Michel in my living room. I had to see it in person even though it was a huge time commitment, but so worth it! We chose Mont St. Michel for our one day trip instead of the decadence of Versaille. I’m so lucky to have found Laura, in the Beverly Hills office, made this 10 hour day a cinch! Instead of being on a giant tour bus and traveling to only one destination (M. S. Michel), we rode the train to Brittany, were retrieved by a driver, taken to two beautiful little seaside villages before St. Michel. They were dreamy little villages with winding cobblestone paths and sweet biscuits! But the crown jewel of the day was Mont St. Michel.

My favorite moment in Paris took place on a random night on a random street corner. I was standing at an intersection. There were little bistros on each corner. I paused to absorb the spontaneous laughter. I adore this city and its people! Oh, and the chocolate. It was bliss. xoxo Lori

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