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BEST OF: Summer Skin & Hair

I became paranoid as soon as I hit the ‘Confirm Purchase’ button. My husband and I had finally booked that sexy Mexico destination second honeymoon type trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have been married 23 years. It has been a long cold winter in Southern California (hey, it happens) and the thighs hadn’t seen the light of day in months. The forearms weren’t looking so hot either. And now, by my own choosing, I am to be squeezed into a brand spanking new RubyRibbon one piece (it’s like VS for 40 somethings – check it out).

I had two weeks to get things smooth and pretty. I opted for my favorite new scrub C’s Sugar Scrub. C’s is a product created by my client, adorable actress, Carson Meyer. Homespun and loaded with jojoba, coconut oil & vanilla, this delicious smelling confection immediately took ten years off of my thighs. The hydration is so rich that my skin literally sparkles when I rinse! I’m feeling good about the swimming pool bar in my near future.

My next concern is the hair. What with all of the humidity in Mexico, my Irish afro will most definitely hold me hostage. This could transpire into two days of sitting in the condo with ‘hair shame’. Thank god I discovered Biolage (by Matrix) Smoothing Shine Milk! My movie studio hairstylist, Janet Moore, recommended it. This lightweight mist smooths even the frizziest locks! After the pool or an ocean swim, I just rinse, mist and am good to go. I suspect the genius creator of this product also had an Irish afro. Perhaps a distant relative?

Last but definitely, not least, is face protection! I’ll just say it. I am a big ol' snob when it comes to what SPF I allow to touch my face. Being a child of the 80’s & 90’s, scientists were still attempting to perfect sun protection. I spent many summer days miserable with stinging eyes and sticky skin. It only took 20 more years for SPF to be refined. The stinging and stickiness is gone AND they’ve added color! Now we’re talkin’! My favorite Tinted SPF is by Glo Thereapeutics. It is a mineral SPF 30 that goes on smooth (like butta!) and it’s creamy texture has light deflecting minerals that bounce shadows from the fine lines and wrinkles. A sunscreen/light diffusing/mineral based/foundation? I’m all over it!

My suitcase is packed and the husband is dressed like the Dude in the Big Lebowski. I consider doing some crunches or push ups on the living room floor. Yeah, well, maybe I’ll do that poolside.


Lori Carhart

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