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Beauty Beakdown: Treatment Pads

In the ever shifting landscape of the beauty industry, it can sometimes be overwhelming with all of the skin care products out there. How do you know if a product really works? You purchase it with the belief that this one will be the one...the elixir of the Gods! Before I was a licensed Esthetician, I had the bathroom drawer of shame. It was filled with bad ideas, impulse purchases, and, well...hope! We all have that drawer full of products we regret buying in the past. Plus, they were so expensive, so we refuse to toss them out! Have no shame, ladies & gents, it's like the wild Wild West out there!

Today, I'd like to help you understand a trend that is on the rise. Have you noticed the current all of pads on the market ? You can't walk down the aisle at the department store without seeing them. A variety of lines now offer them. Why? I believe there is only one reason: convenience. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to convince a male client to use a decent Cleanser, only to have his wife tell me that he never touched it...once! However, if I send a cleansing pad home, he happily returns for more. So instead of analyzing the male species; I'm just going to chock this theory up to the human race: In our busy world, less mess and no hassle is super desirable! (plus, men will use it lol)

With that said, not all pads are alike. Oh yes, dear reader, this is where you separate the men from the boys! The solution the pads are soaked in will determine if your purchase will quickly land in that drawer of shame.

Allow me to save you a lot of time and effort in finding the highest quality pads on the market! The Lumixyl Brightening Pad's main ingredient is Decapeptide-12. It is a revolutionary peptide that works to brighten dark spots and discoloration and reduce the appearance of age spots, sun spots, uneven skin tone and photo damage - without irritation and redness, like some brighteners. Applying these Brightening Pads will help maintain smoothness and brightness. This is my 'Go To' pad! I apply it before bedtime every night and wake to beautiful results! Who doesn't want brighter skin?

The other pad that I recommend has had life altering results for my acne clients. I'm not being dramatic; if you've ever suffered from acne, you know how it can affect your daily existence. The Clarity MD Pads solution is a perfect combination of Salicylic (antibacterial), witch hazel (clarifying) & aloe vera (anti inflammatory). These active ingredients exfoliate, diminish bacteria, rid the skin of excess oil and eliminate blackheads! It's perfect to keep in your gym back to rid yourself of pesky 'bacne' from workout sweat. The Clarity MD Pads are also gentle enough for 'problem' teenage skin!

These two pads combined (one AM one PM) are a perfect solution to combat acne and scarring! So, as you bravely step into the world of purchasing a skincare pad, remember this: The secret is in the solution! May your drawer of shame never be full again... at least with skincare

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Lori Carhart

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