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Beauty Breakdown: Microcurrent Treatment

As an Esthetician, I like to stay current with the latest treatments. With the progress of science and technology, there is an abundance of fantastic options available! Trends come and go, and I watch with a shrewd eye to see which have "staying power."

Over the last year, I heard a lot of buzz about Microcurrent (sorry, I cannot help the puns). This treatment works on two levels, the facial muscle, and the skin. It is a mechanical procedure that uses a low-level electrical current to ‘jump start’ the body’s natural physiology at a cellular level which increases the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. It is also promoted as being an outstanding tool to improve circulation while tightening and lifting sagging skin.

Okay, it’s time to get all science-y on you. Ready?

As the skin ages, skin cells lose much of their natural energy – ATP, (similar to a battery loosing its charge) which leads to a breakdown of collagen (the main protein of connective tissue) and elastin (the main ingredient in the skin that allows it to stretch without leaving stretch marks). Every year after the age of 25 we are loosing about 1-1. 5% of the collagen that comprises most of our dermal layers. When the value of the skin is lost, we start to see sagging skin and deep wrinkles. Beneath the skin, some of the facial muscles become increasingly contracted from facial expressions and others become elongated over years of age and gravity.

Microcurrent is the only known technology that triggers the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level and can increase the levels of ATP to 500%. In other words, the cells of the body are being recharged with new energy – think of how you jump start a dead battery on a car using jumper cables – it’s the same idea, really.

When a girlfriend of mine came to an evening out looking radiant, glowing and, yes, ten years younger and credited it to a Microcurrent facial the day before, I was completely intrigued. I began the search for an Esthetician (a few towns over, of course) who offered the treatment. Hey, even Estheticians need facials! Let the research begin!

I went for it and purchased a package of ten. The experience was certainly different. After a steam cleanse, the esthetician took metal probes and performed facial gymnastics on my skin. I experienced a strong metal taste in my mouth and when I closed my eyes, could see the pulse of the electric current. (This is because our eyes are water and act as conductors for the flow of electricity).

Which reminds me, Microcurrent is safe. There are no harmful side effects. It actually has healthy side effects, like balancing hormones and raising melatonin levels in the body. However, you cannot receive the treatment if you have any heart conditions, a pacemaker, epilepsy or if you are pregnant.

After my first session, I definitely felt that my skin was tighter and the texture was smoother. By the third treatment, people were asking me what I had done that was different. I had "baby face"! Needless to say, I was hooked! I got a charge out of this treatment (ha ha)! As a matter of fact, I was so impressed that I went out and purchased the same darn machine! Not just any machine, though; but the top of the line from Europe! (Europe is so ahead of America in skincare standards. European women have understood the benefits of Microcurrent for years.)

Here is a short list of the benefits that I have experienced:

 Improved skin texture  More hydrated  Lifted jowls and eyebrows (seriously)  Improved facial circulation  Reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Since Microcurrent is a cumulative effect, I’m looking forward to my love affair with this incredible machine! Combined with my signature treatment, the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion, the client receives the best of both worlds: The surface of the skin is exfoliated, extracted and infused; all while the infrastructure beneath is tightened and revitalized. This concert of treatments is an absolute bliss-filled experience that produces optimal results! And you all know too well how results-oriented I am as a professional.

So now you know what all the Microcurrent buzz is about! As my gift to you, dear reader, your first Microcurrent experience will only be $85, which will include the luxurious Ayurmedic Moisturizing Mask as a complimentary add-on. Just mention this blog post when booking. Trust me. You’ll be shocked at how good you look. ( :


Lori Carhart

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