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Beauty Breakdown: Coconut Skincare

Every Autumn, Americans find it comforting to switch gears and do everything “Pumpkin”. Pumpkin facials, lattes, muffins, etc.…Allow me to redirect you from this comforting seasonal staple in order to focus on a beauty and health trend that stays fashionable during all four seasons. Coconut. I am COO COO for Coconut! Am I imagining it, or does the food and beauty market seem to present a trendier version of this ‘Elixir of the Gods’ weekly? It started with coconut water. Have you noticed that walking through the grocery store these days is an assault of coconut chips, flakes, milks, and creams! Which one is the best?

When this craze first started a few years back, I jumped right in. I love the taste of coconut water, and my skin and hair drink the oil. (Applying to my face and pulling through my hair is one of my favorite bedtime routines). When I started with the oil, I immediately saw the benefits of softer more hydrated skin (including wrinkles!) and wanted my clients to experience it too. My search began for the perfect coconut hydrator that was rich enough for my dry (anti-aging) clients, but not too heavy for clients who have oil, and, of course, it had to be safe for sensitive skin. I knew this was a delicate balance. It’s virtually impossible to find one moisturizer that can cover the full spectrum of skin concerns.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine contacted me and wanted to introduce me to a new product. I was intrigued because it was created by a local scientist. As you may know from previous blogs, local products are a priority for me because I like to support my community. In spite of this, the product needed to meet two requirements:

- It had to be clean. No harsh chemicals or preservatives - It needed to address a full range of skin concerns

Enter Coconotion! The first time I touched the product, I knew it was special. The texture alone was to DIE for. Is it strange that I have a little tear in my eye because of a moisturizer? Seriously, this combination of cold pressed coconut oil and olive-based emulsifiers is just about as close to perfection as you will find on this planet. Not only does it hydrate and firm my dry skin; it keeps my client with the most fickle case of acne in balance and the appearance of dark spots and scars have faded on him.

Did I mention that it comes in an adorable bamboo container that is approved for food storage? It’s so cute that I keep mine out on a coffee table and dab it on my lips and eyes while watching Netflix. The men in my family (all four!) love it because if applied after shaving, there is no ingrown hair inflammation. They also like the texture and the barely there (organic) scent which is light and fresh. In other words, Coconotion delivers for the whole family!

Don’t miss out on the Coconotion Craze at My Skin Evolution! For a limited time Coconotion is on sale for $37.50! Remember: this product is appropriate for all skin types, so purchase with confidence. Enjoy the bliss!

xoxo, Lori Carhart

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