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As a small business owner, I am always considering my clients and the quality of the services I provide for them. I also spend a great deal of time choosing products to recommend. When I chose OSEA over a year ago, I had very specific parameters in mind and OSEA met all of them:

  • It has to be clean. There are many lines that claim to be "clean" that do not rate well with Environmental Working Group. Reality check: 70% of the products that are applied to our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream!* This 'dirty little secret' is something that the cosmeceutical industry deems inconvenient and selectively chooses not to address. Have you checked your ingredient list lately? Chances are, you will be very disappointed! Click here to read what's NOT in OSEA.

*FACT: OSEA was the first company to sign the Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products in 2002.

  • Results! As a professional, I am spoiled by potency. Why must the potent products always be held back in the Esthetician's back bar? Clients should receive great results at home! I expect brighter, smoother skin with my daily products. Not only is OSEA a vegan, paraben, perfume, gluten, GMO free line; it delivers outstanding results! The key ingredient in OSEA is seaweed (or sea algae) from Patagonia. OSEA's seaweed is certified USDA organic and hand harvested in Patagonia. This mineral-rich, nutrient-dense algae is like nutrition for the skin. With ingredients such as cypress, geranium, lavender & lime the products smell like the spa and delivers optimal results! My skin is bright, firm and well balanced. Just look at the list of pure ingredients. Check out the OSEA reviews on Yelp!

Shop local, people! With e-Commerce and the internet (okay, lets just say it…Amazon) affecting our local and state economy, I believe it is the responsibility of business owners to support local vendors. OSEA is based in Malibu, California; just right over the hill from me!

I am so pleased to offer OSEA as a quality holistic line of skin care!

For your convenience I have provided a list of my favorite OSEA products!

Can a product have the ability to shift your mood AND hydrate your skin? With the beautiful combination of Rosewood, chamomile & geranium oil; the answer is yes! This roll on is my go to product for fine lines, wrinkles and, yes, an aromatic pick me up! SHOP HERE

I fell in love with the line because of this Cleanser! The lime, cypress, juniper & orange scent is just divine; but the lactic acid (from beets!) gently removes a layer of dead skin cells with each cleanse. SHOP HERE

I spray my skin with this combination of Resveratrol, organic algae & pomegranate throughout the day! It keeps my skin glowing and hydrated & blends perfectly with the Essential Hydrating Oil. SHOP HERE

Is it weird that I tear up about a Body Polish? Seriously, this product delivered on a very personal level. I was going on vacation with my husband and it called for the dreaded first bathing suit of the season! My thighs looked crepey and dry. (What happened over the winter?) Ten days before our trip, I started using the polish followed with the Undaria Algae Oil. SHOP HERE

Okay, pin that thought while I tell you just how amazing this oil is! First of all, look at the ingredients list and attention that goes into making this product. The light citrus scent is delightful and my clothing does NOT stick to my skin after applying. I love it!

To summarize, the combination of these two body products gave my legs smooth supple skin. I had no problem getting into that bathing suit! The concept anti-aging solutions for the body is genius!

Did you know that I offer the OSEA Spa Facial? This unique and sensual facial is exclusively offered at destination spas around the world; but also available at Skin Evolution!


Lori Carhart

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