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My Esthetician Journey

After 25 years of being an Actress in the Entertainment Industry, I felt…well..

unfulfilled. The “Industry” is not for the faint of heart. I was very fortunate because I

always had a great agent and was a ‘type’ that was desirable for commercials. I also

booked film, tv and coveted modeling jobs. However, for all of the years spent studying

method acting I very rarely spoke in my many national commercials. It seems my

‘type’ didn’t require much of a voice exiting the glass doors of JC Penney, blissed out,

shopping bags in tow. Honestly, I looooved being on a Hollywood set and, hey,

residual checks randomly arriving in your mailbox isn’t too shabby either! But I

never felt passionate about acting. I had been swept into an industry that, quite

frankly, did not fit my personality. Auditions could be impersonal and sometimes

mean spirited and there was no job security whatsoever. I decided to make a


After having 3 babies within 2 years (don’t worry, there were twins involved lol), I

took a break and went on a ‘babymoon’. When the boys got a little older, I decided

to grow up and be an adult and (dramatic music!) get a real job! As a daughter

of a hairdresser (they weren’t called Stylists in the 80’s), I spent my childhood

spinning around in my mother’s salon chair. At the age of 9, I was giving my Mom

facials and doing her make up for evenings out with my Dad. The beauty industry

was in my blood. In my job quest, I searched the internet and found that a local retail

store was offering a part time counter manager position for an incredible line called

Erno Laszlo. I somehow interviewed my way into the position and found myself in a

‘real’ big girl job!

Now, heres, the deal with retail: A lot of the associates have been there WAY too

long and are miserable and somewhat negative. I was obnoxious in my enthusiasm!

It felt so good to be surrounded by these beautiful products and I thrived at my

position. I loved consulting with customers and advising them about skincare. It all

came quite naturally for me. After one year of this, I decided to get serious about

skincare and go to Esthetician school.

Ten years later, I can honestly say that I am now involved in an industry that I am

passionate about. This isn’t to say that my years in the Entertainment Industry

weren’t well spent. I absorbed many tricks of the trade from the best make up

artists and estheticians in the world! Starting my own business felt a bit like coming

home. I am in touch with that young girl who did facials on her Mom. The desire to

nurture, comfort and make a person look and feel beautiful has always lived within

me. I’m so glad to be back to who I really am. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


Lori Carhart

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