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Beauty Breakdown: Dermalinfusion by Silkpeel

It isn’t a big secret that I’m not your average Esthetician. As a matter of fact, while

attending Esthetics school, my instructors were sometimes baffled by the fact that I

would not perform extractions. I found it ironic that I was being trained to heal skin

through products and procedures; only to pierce, slice and press on it with a sharp

instrument in the final moments of a treatment!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the value of extractions. Pulling toxins and

bacteria from the pore is definitely important in order to achieve healthy skin. So

when I discovered a machine that would extract in a non-scarring and noninvasive

way, I was all over it!!!

The Dermalinfusion by Silkpeel has a closed loop hose with pneumatic pressure*.

This means that it can exfoliate, extract and infuse all at the same time!

Yes, I said infuse!

It’s all in the Solution! The scientists that created the Dermalinfusion were genius!

They created four potent serums to be infused by the machine. The solutions needed

to address the full spectrum of skin concerns: Acne, Anti-Aging, Dark Spots and


Dark Spots? The Lumixyl Brightening Serum stops aggressive melanin in it’s tracks

and brightens dull lifeless skin without the use of toxic Hydroquinone. The scientists

behind this potent brightener challenged themselves for 7 years at Stanford to

create a brightener as powerful as Hydroquinone, but safe for our bodies. Dark

spots have met their match!

Sun damaged and environmentally stressed skin with fine lines? No problem! The

Vitamin C Serum targets sun damaged skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles

leaving you smooth and glossy!

Dry and Dehydrated? The pure Hyaluronic Serum has a small molecule which

means it penetrates the pore and holds water in place. This means plumping,

ladies!!! One little molecule holds a thousand times it’s weight in water and after the

Hydrating Dermalinfusion, your skin (and lips!) are plump and pretty!

Last, but certainly, not least is the Clarifying Serum. I cannot even begin to tell the

success stories of the Clarifying Dermalinfusion in one little blog! It heals even the

most extreme cases of acne by exfoliating, extracting and infusing this Salicylic

Acid/Bakuchiol. This combination clears out all bacteria while calming

inflammation. Most of my acne clients are currently in remission! They continue

with treatments of the Brightening Dermalinfusion to flatten out texture and lighten


This is love! Honestly, this machine just keeps delivering beautiful results! I love

that I can customize the serums according to your skin’s needs and address multiple

concerns with two serums in one treatment. Oh, and the extractions? Just ask to see

the waste jar. Lol. I know…kind of cooty-ish. But totally satisfying!

*This patented closed loop has many copy cats, but none are as amazing as the Dermalinfusion by


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