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Staycation 101

In a bustling world of responsibilities, deadlines and phone distraction, people tend to believe that relaxation is somewhere outside of our lives. As a result, we spend months filled with anticipation for that week long vacation, seldom fully recognizing the opportunity for leisure time within in our own home.

Our home environment can sometimes be distracting, so it takes a shift in attitude. The first step is to allow yourself to put aside all of the chores and ignore messes. What helps me is to get one small thing out of the way that simply cannot wait. (I MUST wipe away those bread crumbs on the kitchen counter!) With the satisfaction of knowing the granite is glossed up, I find a corner away from other family members, light a small candle, put in my earbuds and let the 'staycation' begin! I start with a soothing meditation from my favorite podcast Meditation Oasis. This podcast offers a variety of meditations, ranging from anxiety to awareness. I love it!

After meditating, I feel more centered and ready to embrace some downtime! Now, you may not consider a work out 'down time,' but hear me out. A light morning exercise routine calms the central nervous system and completely affects how you respond to the rest of your day. Balancing the central nervous system affects everything from stress management to digestion.

This can be an early morning stroll in your neighborhood or a light routine in your living room. When you honor the body in your own home, you tend to slow down and focus. Personally, I get on my yoga mat, put on Pandora Spa Radio and do "Yogalates." This combination of Pilates & Yoga makes me feel like I've had the world's best massage afterward. This fusion workout is a must try!

Now that I'm feeling zen, I give myself a little at home spa facial. I love a good scrub with OSEA's Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish. This finely ground organic powder consists of bamboo, rice and fermented pomegranate and buffs away dull, lifeless skin. Followed with the OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum, my skin is beautifully polished and hydrated for the day!

Now that it is time to get on with the progress of my day, I consider commitments and obligations. To regain your equilibrium and clear the clutter from your calendar, simplify your life by establishing limits regarding what you will and will not do based on your personal priorities. Time management lowers stress levels and the potential for exhaustion and being overwhelmed. Examine your schedule and clear out the excess!

Once you have more control of your time, you'll find you have more hours in the day to decompress and recharge yourself. You will reap the benefits and feel healthier and happier. And after all, you deserve a staycation!


Lori Carhart

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