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Beauty Breakdown: Stem Cells

The Truth Behind Topical Stem Cells

As you know, staying informed about new products and trends in the Beauty Industry is a priority for me. With science and technology moving at a rapid pace, I feel a keen responsibility to keep my clientele informed. The Stem Cell craze piqued my interest a few years ago and much has happened in that time! I found THE best Stem Cell serum available. Honestly, I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Plant, Animal....HUMAN??

Let's break down the variety of stem cells that are currently on the market. Plant and fruit (Swiss apple, edelweiss, rose, etc.) are very popular and offered by a variety of companies. These products are the extracts of the plant or fruit, not the live cells themselves. That is because it is not possible to maintain live stem cells in a cosmetic emulsion. The bottom line? These products only contain the amino acids and proteins of the plant's stem cell. Now, don't get me wrong! Amino acids and proteins can stimulate collagen and elastin and aid the skin in healing. BUT, these products are not stems cells in the purest sense.

Here's the Rub.

There are many products that are promoted as "Stem Cell" that don't even contain cells. Unfortunately, many companies have simply jumped on the bandwagon of using the buzz words, “Stem Cells". This clouds the waters for the consumer to truly discern what product lines may have true merit and credible science backing them.

Hmmm....Human Stem Cells?

Due to the current climate regarding human stem cells in our country, I was thrilled when I found a safely harvested, non-human stem cell serum!

Introducing DNA Skin Cryo Stem Cell Therapy

This is the real deal, folks! This serum is created when energetically vital cells are extracted from a controlled source of organic bovine. Yes, I said bovine. Cows! However, not just any herd of cattle. Envision a pristine free-range hillside in the French Alps! The amniotic fluids are safely extracted (within the first trimester) to achieve the maximum amount of stem cells. At this point, they have not become specific to the bovine genetic composition but contain the DNA information to influence and support human skin. All of this without hurting the baby cow or its Mother!

Cows? Are you kidding me? Is it clean???

The DNA Skin Institute's high testing and safety standards meet and exceed the regulatory agencies in the United States and Canada. The extraction, analysis, filtering, identifying and combining take place under absolutely sterile conditions. In the separation process, the cells are selected with one thing in mind: the effect it will have on the skin. Collagen, hyaluronic, elastin, DNA, RNA, fibroblasts, lipids and stem cells are selected.

But, Lori. Isn't that a 'cosmetic emulsion'?

This is what separates the men from the boys! This is the genius behind the DNA CryoStem Therapy Serums. After the final product is created, the biological embryonic cellular serum (containing fresh stem cells!) are flash frozen, allowing the cells to hibernate. This allows the cells to stay active.

What will it do on my skin?

Introducing energy-filled, new cells will make existing cells behave younger. Yes, it's true! Your cells can actually respond to a new atmosphere of energy and information. This activity can result in correcting, rebuilding, nourishing, preserving the skin. These are all desirable, but what blows my Esthetic mind is that it can actually influence future generations of skin. In other words, make 'new skin'!

Where can I get it???

Due to the frozen nature of this product, it is available as a local pick up at my Boutique in Westlake Village, California. Please contact me to purchase! Also, ask me about my Stem Cell Infusion Treatment! Reach me by phone @ 818-917-1357 or email

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