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Closet Shopping for the Red Carpet

When my husband, Tim, showed me the beautiful invitation, my pulse quickened, and my mind began to race. I got a little nervous. It was a Vanity Fair red carpet event premiere party at Paramount Studios, featuring the new series “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner. Tim plays the Attorney General on the show, steering Costner’s family through a legal maze when a land dispute ends in murder. It’s an impressive cast with the likes of Gretchen Mol, Wes Bentley, Josh Lucas (among other recognizable names) and is directed, written and produced by Hollywood’s current golden boy, Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water & Sicario).”Dear Lord”, I thought…”what will I wear”?!

I have a closet full of clothes, so I refused to buy anything new for one evening. I looked at the dresses in my closet. The show is a modern-day Western, so I was leaning toward a cute little color block number with a primal aztecian tapestry that runs down the center of the body. Trying it on, I recalled that the dress wasn’t very flattering and it needed alterations. I looked at the invitation. The attire required for the evening was “Cocktail Casual.” “Yeesh. This is tough”, I thought. “After all... it is Vanity Fair!”

I took a personal survey by speaking with several different girlfriends, and a few of my skincare clients chimed in while receiving their treatments. The overwhelming decision was that I should wear a dress. “Dress! Dress! Always a dress!” they said. Full disclosure: I look nice in dresses, but I never entirely feel like ‘myself’ in them. (Except for a maxi beach dress vibe). I started trying all of my dresses on. Then I broke down and went shopping for a dress. I began to feel more and more desperate. Not only did the dresses make me uncomfortable; I needed to find the perfect shoes! I am not a ‘matchy matchy’ person. I am perfectly content in a tank top, Levis and my favorite pair of Frye boots! This whole concept just began to wear on me. Pardon the pun. I retreated back to my closet, staring blankly into space, hoping for inspiration.

I had to get real honest with myself. The truth is if I’m not comfortable in my own clothes, I will not enjoy the evening as much because I will not feel like myself. Everybody’s seen the barefoot woman at a wedding carrying her shoes on the dance floor. That’s me. Going back through my closet again, I found a pair of long dark bolero jeans from Stitch Fix. They had a nice new crease down the front because I had never worn them. I put them on with a pair of bronze heels that I love. Not only did I look a foot taller, but also about 15 pounds lighter! “Okay, I’m onto something,” I thought. I remembered a sexy slinky top I had purchased at Forever 21 for New Years last year. (Hey! It’s three days before the event! Desperate measures here! I’m an eclectic shopper). Layered with a badass leather jacket, some good bling, loose sexy beach hair and airbrush makeup, this look would rock the event AND allow me to be myself.

The evening of the event, when we drove onto the Paramount lot, there was a buzz in the air as we walked onto the red carpet, which was actually black (so chic!) Everyone sashayed down in a fluid row behind Kevin Costner; who, by the way, is still as gorgeous and magnetic as he’s always been! The press was overwhelming, and the flashbulbs were blazing. Tim looked so handsome in nice dark jeans, a classy shirt, his black Calvin Klein summer jacket and black casual shoes. Some of the Native Americans on the show (there are several) wore plain jeans and cowboy hats. My intuition had served me well! The look for the evening was sexy casual attire. The few women who opted for evening gowns looked a slightly out of place, but pretty. Me, I was comfortable in my own skin in my ‘closet shopping’ outfit. After the premiere viewing, we cruised the party and I felt great. The Hollywood crowds are always fun and they are the best at pulling off the “I don’t give a damn” casual chic that Los Angeles is known for. Tim and I enjoyed the dessert bar (see photo!) and talked to several people on the show. Afterward, we danced all the way to the car. I was grateful I was in my dancing shoes. xoxo Lori

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